Monash Wushu Club

Monash Wushu Club (Monash University Wushu & Taichi Club)

These posters were designed for Monash Wushu Club’s marketing purposes in 2012 – 2014. The design aimed to show Wushu as a Chinese Martial Arts sport to promote acrobatic fitness training routine rather than sparring and self defense.

[ 2014 ]

Version 1

     MWC FLYER 2014

Version 2

MWC FLYER 2014 version 2

Additional photo shoot images:

Spot light Pose 1Cudgel Front

Pose 3Pose 2

Henri’s red silk contrasts to the black background which creates a dark, mysterious and hidden effect aiming to show the performance aspects in Wushu. This poster is targeted to attract beginners by using first basic weapon (cudgel stick), which students will learn after 6 months – 1 year of training.

[ 2013 ]

MWC FLYER 2013Zoe in her red conservative silks, demonstrates her flexibility and stable stance while holding the classic straight sword creating an elegant and feminine appeal.

[ 2012 ]

MWC - Poster 2012Vincent in his black and yellow trim silk using his double hooks swords, an example of one of the many advance weapons that students can learn in training once they complete their 4 basic weapons forms.

The contrast between grey & black is divided by a sharp diagonal cut parallel to the weapon’s composition creating a focus from the weapon as an extension of the body.

Poster description written by Ben:

“Wushu Kung-Fu is the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts. Wushu promotes fitness through the performance of routines, encompassing numerous styles including Shaolin, Animal Forms, Taichi etc.
The club’s instructor is Master Tang Laiwei, a Chinese National Champion and an original member of the esteemed Beijing Wushu Team.”

Please check out Monash University Wushu & Taichi Club’s demonstration performances videos on their youtube channel.

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