The New Lubetkin
 A Penguin Discovery Centre at St Kilda Pier

This project received the ‘Corporate Culture Prize for Outstanding Final Project’ award at Monash University. Please see MADA Now 2013 website [ click here ]

Billboard Vision - Child Swimming with Penguins

Billboard Vision – Child’s fantasy world, swimming with penguins.

The New Lubetkin explores the co-existence between humans and penguins focused on contributing to the new vision of UnZoo Model. The Penguin Discovery Centre introduces a unique experience that brings together educational and research programs adjacent to the little penguins’ natural habitat at St Kilda Pier. Miyazaki’s Ponyo influenced the project vision in a semi-fantasy learning environment where it curates the visitor experience into the penguin’s ‘hunting routine’ primarily targeting young children. My design proposal explores a Rachael Whiteread inspired view of the interior where the habitat experiences of humans and penguins are exchanged.

Thesis Concept: The UnZoo Model

Zoo to Unzoo vision


Lubetkin's old Penguin Pool, London Zoo.

Lubetkin’s old Penguin Pool, London Zoo.

1:1000 3D Site Model Acrylic on canvas base

1:1000 3D Site Model
Acrylic on canvas base

Design Deck Floor Plan

Stage 1 : Inheritage Experience
From a walking distance along the pier, a clear casted resin structure celebrates the historical kiosk that was once destroyed. It acts as a water tank where penguins swim in a high position emphasising the volume of the structure as well as showing their capacity to ‘fly in water’.

In-heritage experience First Impression

Stage 2: Above and Under the Water
Through the entrance surrounded by penguins gracefully swimming, it creates an experience where visitors feel as though they are in water looking up, when swimming predators cannot see their white belly against the light.

Under and Above the water

The stairs leads upward towards the kiosk observatory rooftop. From a high position, the sunrise view embraces the wide expanse of the ocean. The clear resin also allows visitors to feel they are on top of the water looking down just as how flying predators cannot see them while the penguin’s dark blue back blends into the sea…

elevation A

Stage 3

Stage 4 & 5

Project’s Vision Art:

Vision Billboard - Charcoal sketch September 2013

Charcoal drawing titled “What lies beyond the barriers?”, 2013 September 



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